Danone wants to decline its marks in bio

Danone wants to be widely present in the ray bio. First with an offer designed for children, but also by declining most of its brands, Blédina at Evian via Volvic, Danonino and even the iconic Danone. A project unveiled Tuesday, 20 February, a few days before the opening of the Salon of agriculture.

For the time being, the brand The 2 Cows was the only one in the portfolio of the global leader in yogurt to wear the label to the little green leaf. It weighs approximately 4 % of sales of fresh dairy products of Danone in France, according to François Eyraud, executive director of the program One Danone in France. The range of The 2 Cows is made in Normandy in the factory of Molay-Littry (Calvados), in connection with 35 farmers converted to organic.

Accelerate the offering of children

The ” bio Danone “, a variation of the more traditional yogurt, is expected to arrive in stores current 2018. Such a symbol. It will be manufactured in the factory of Bailleul in the North and, for his debut, will depend on the milk sold by Biolait. If the customers are at the rendez-vous, a hundred farmers could be assisted in conversion to organic by 2022. Knowing that Danone collects milk from 2 000 farmers in France.

Without waiting, the group of agri-food has already converted to organic, his range Evian fruits and plants and Evian Kusmi Tea. Volvic should follow, always in the segment of flavoured waters, with a version of Infusion organic. It is also preparing a beverage, bio for kids, Juicy Kids,whose sugar content is reduced.

The desire is precisely to accelerate the supply of bio for children. Juicy Kids is part of it. But the ball is particularly in the camp of Blédina.

A new range, Crops, bio, will be launched on the 1st of march. Markus Sandmayr, general manager of Blédina, explains that 50 % of ingredients in the recipes of these products are…

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