Customs fees : us firms in China accuse the coup

China had warned ; the response is not made to wait. Echoing the decision of american president Donald Trump to impose a 10% tax on $ 200 billion (€171 billion) of chinese imports, Beijing announced that it would tax 60 billion dollars of american products.

For Jack Ma, boss of the chinese giant of e-commerce Alibaba, these frictions could last another twenty years

These new customs duties of 5 % to 10 % will apply on Monday, 24 September, at the same time that the u.s. taxes, according to the ministry of finance of china, on Tuesday, September 18. China has also filed a new complaint before the world trade Organization. These amounts are in addition to the $ 50 billion of products taxed at 25 % and the other at the beginning of July.

This commercial war risk to weigh in quickly on the companies. Jack Ma, the chairman of the chinese giant of e-commerce Alibaba is concerned about these trade irritants that could, according to him, last twenty years and seriously complicate the situation of the companies.

Three-quarters of u.s. companies (74,3 %) believe that they will suffer from this second round of taxes, compared to 60 % for the first, according to a study by the american Chamber of commerce in China (AmCham), released on 13 September. Nearly half of firms (47.2 %) in predicting a ” strong negative impact “, compared to 21.5 % for the first u.s. taxes.

“Complacency on the part of the us government ”

Kenneth Jarrett, president of AmCham, warns of the consequences of the conflict. “The relevant amount by the first phase (…) was fairly modest, especially for large groups who have varied activities. This could give rise to a certain complacency on the part of the u.s. government. It can be seen in the statements of the administration, ensuring that the taxes had no effects on…

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