Currency – The dollar slips after the closing of the government

© Reuters. The dollar slips after the closing of the government

The dollar declined against a basket of currencies on Monday after the United States government has been forced to shut down during a conflict between the republicans and the democrats on immigration has continued at Washington.

The index dollar, which measures the greenback’s strength against a basket of currencies, fell 0.19% 90.33 at 03:37 AM ET (08:37 AM GMT), approaching a low of three years of 89.97.

The closure of the u.s. government marks its third day after the Senate failed to conclude an agreement on Sunday evening to fund the government’s operations.

But the Senate is planning to vote at 12: 00 ET on Monday (1700 GMT) on a measure of spending is temporary, which will allow the government to open its doors until 8 February.

Lawmakers have tried to reach an agreement on immigration, which is seen as crucial to break the deadlock.

The dollar continued to rise against the yen, with USD/JPY up 0.16% to 110.88, close to a low of four months of 110.18 reached Wednesday.

The euro rose, with EUR/USD up 0.16% to 1.2243, close to a highest-three years of 1.2322 reached Wednesday.

The single currency was boosted by news that the social democratic party of germany decided on Sunday to begin talks of coalition with the conservatives of German chancellor Angela Merkel, which softens the situation in the largest economy of the euro area.

The dollar was down against the swiss franc, a traditional, with the USD / CHF down 0.17% to trade at 0,9609, after having reached a low of four months to 0,9534 Friday.

The pound has gained ground, with the GBP / USD up 0.25% to 1,3892. The pound reached a peak of 1,3944 Friday, the highest level since the vote for Britain to leave the european Union in June 2016.

During this time, the australian dollar was little changed, with AUD / USD at 0,7998 and the new zealand dollar higher with NZD / USD advancing 0.28% to 0,7292.

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