CroisiEurope, the SMES alsatian that sails on the rivers of the world

“We are both, this is not possible ! “writes Christian, 53 years of age. “Ben, if we just point. We are 1 600 workers, ” is the reply, bantering, Philip, 62 years of age. “It is necessary to follow ! “, will bid in a chorus, Lucas, Kim, and Jordan, all under the age of 30 years on the clock… the Home of the Schmitter, the very discreet family at the helm of CroisiEurope, most youth do not hesitate to make fun of their elders. The exchange took place in mid-march, rue du Havre, to the pier in the port of Strasbourg is the european champion of the river cruise. On this day, however, he lacks the appeal of three members of this family alsatian high colour : Anne-Marie, 51 years old, and Patrick, age 63, of the second generation, as well as Deborah, the third generation. They are all busy traveling the world for the company.

“All of them are important to run the company,” insists Christian. “My father [Gerard], who established the firm in 1976, could get in the way of everything, until the color of the toilet paper vessels, recalls Philippe. We preferred to evenly distribute the work and the capital of the company. A Christian, commercial, Patrick, the industrial, Anne-Marie, the administrative, and to me, the hospitality… only One rule : the partners do not have a voice in the chapter. As children, we gradually integrate the management of operations, and they are now involved in strategic decisions. “

A core of cadres is also involved in the adventure since the beginning. “Without them, we would not be here,” says Christian. “It’s a family, humble, caring, and a fantastic company, filled with wonder Monique Jung, the patron saint of the economic development Agency of the Alsace region. In forty-two years old, the small restaurant with rental of pedal boats was transformed into a multinational tourism ! “

“There was a lot of worked ”


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