Corsica Ferries going to order two new vessels

Thursday, may 24, 1968. In Paris, Charles de Gaulle is trying to regain the hand and announces a referendum on his continuing in power. If he gets the support of the French, he said he is ready to ” make change wherever it is needed the structures narrow and out of date, and open the road to the new blood of France “. At the same time, a ferry to hull navy blue, the Corsica Express, docked at the port of Bastia from Genoa. This is the first trip organized to Corsica by Pascal Lota, a shipowner of Bastia. He, too, decided to push the structures out of date, and to open new routes, tumble play monopoly installed.

Fifty years later, the company Corsica Ferries is still there, more active than ever. For proof of this, the plans unveiled Tuesday, may 15, by Peter Mattei, his boss and principal shareholder for a year. The company is preparing to order two new vessels, and to serve a new destination, Menorca, a Balearic island. Objective : extend the success of Corsica Ferries, who, inspired by the “low cost” in aviation, has managed to become extremely profitable. In 2016, the net result has reached € 40 million, or 14 % of a turnover set at 290 million euros. “With the rise of fossil fuels, the margin will be a little lower this year,” temper the leaders.

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