Corline Biomedical AB: Signs letter of intent with the University of Oxford relating to the company’s clinical study in type 1 diabetes

Corline Biomedical AB (“Corline” or the “company”) has signed a letter of intent (Letter of Intent) with the Nuffield Department of Surgical Scicences at the university of Oxford to evaluate a partnership for clinical studies in type 1 diabetes. Oxford is one of three centres in the Uk that represents the hub of its operations for the öcellstransplantation to the patients with severe type 1 diabetes. Corlines goal of the cooperation is to accelerate patient recruitment in the of the Swedish medical products agency approved the phase 1 study with Cytoparin(TM)-treated Islets of the islands, by increasing the number of clinical centers.

In öcellstransplantation for curing diabetes type 1, develops Corline product Cytoparin(TM), which aims to protect öceller against unwanted immunförsvarsreaktioner and thus improve the efficacy of the treatment. Cytoparin(TM)-the project was approved by the medical products agency in Sweden for the start of the clinical study and patients are planned to be recruited by the clinical centers in Uppsala and Stockholm. In order to accelerate the recruitment of patients to the study has Corline initiated discussions with additional clinics both in and outside the Nordic countries. Corline has previously assessed that the interest for Cytoparin(TM) is large, which is now manifested in the concrete mediation has been initiated with the university of Oxford.

The division of responsibilities within the proposed cooperation is to Corline transfer the technology to treat öceller with Cytoparin(TM), as well as providing regulatory support, while the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences in Oxford conducting Cytoparin(TM)-the treatment of öcellerna, and recruit and treat patients within the framework of the clinical study. Corline retains continued all the commercial rights related to the product. Technology transfer and contacts with regulatory authorities is scheduled to commence after the summer of 2017, at which time a formal agreement between the parties is expected to be in place.

Henrik Nittmar, PRESIDENT of Corline Biomedical AB, comments

“It is very positive for the Cytoparin(TM) project and Corline at large that we are now entering a dialogue on cooperation with one of the leading clinics for the öcellstransplantation in Europe, with the hope to soon be able to add Oxford to our previously approved study. We believe that the contacts with local regulatory authorities is facilitated by the Swedish medical products agency’s previous approval and we are greeted by a large dose of enthusiasm and confidence in our product by the team in Oxford, which inspires and facilitates the process”.

For questions, please contact

Henrik Nittmar, CEO

Telephone: 018-71 30 90


Certified Adviser

Subsequently, the Brokerage is Corlines Certified Adviser.

This information is such information that Corline Biomedical AB is obliged to publish under the EU marknadsmissbruksförordning. The information was submitted, by the above contact person in the government, for publication on 29 June 2017.

Corline Biomedical AB

working with the endogenous substance heparin and has developed a portfolio of candidate drugs for use in conjunction with organ – and cell transplantation. The company is planning clinical studies in type 1 diabetes and kidney transplant, for which the Corline also has received särläkemedelsstatus (“Orphan Drug”). Within the framework of a wholly owned subsidiary of Corline Pharma AB evaluated the in vivo administration of Corlines heparinsubstans.

170629_PM – Corline – letter of Intent with the university of Oxford

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