Control of the Internet : the trip noticed the bosses of Apple and Google in China

A global conference of the Internet… organized in China. Nothing that the statement of this sentence, any person who possesses any knowledge of the censorship imposed by Beijing froncerait eyebrows. As the organizer of the event is none other than the administration of cyberspace in chinese, a kind of superministère of the Internet.

And yet, for the 4th edition, which was held on Sunday, 3 December, in the small town of Wuzhen, in the east of the country, nearly 1,500 personalities from the world of politics and economics, from 80 countries, came to attend the conference. And not to be overlooked. For the first time, Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai, the boss of Apple and Google, have taken part in the event. And this, at the risk of appearing to accommodate with the regulations draconian laid down by Beijing.

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