Contracts of multi-billion fly away with us sanctions against Iran

In addition to the aircraft manufacturers american Boeing and european Airbus, the industrial conglomerate General Electric and German carmakers Volkswagen and franco-japanese Renault-Nissan could be affected by the decision of the United States out of the agreement on the iranian nuclear issue, while u.s. officials have insisted that european companies comply also to the recovery of penalties.

The national security adviser, John Bolton, has indicated that the recovery of the u.s. sanctions was effective “immediately” for the new contracts and that the companies already engaged in Iran would have a few months to ” get out “. According to the u.s. Treasury, the period ranges from ninety to one hundred and eighty days. Several companies have received after the signing of the agreement on the iranian nuclear programme in 2015, special licenses or the agreement of the u.s. Treasury to trade with Iran.

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