Continue to the lower than expected rate of british inflation

In July to 2.6 percent was the annual rate of inflation in Great Britain, the uk statistical office (ONS) on Tuesday described data, below the analysts are expected by 2,7 per.

In June, the same rate of annual inflation measured, which was an unexpected slowdown was in may to 2.9 per cent data.

The british statistics office says inflation unchanged at an annual rate of primarily the fuel prices further reduced due to the impact of certain goods and services – clothes, household items, gas and electricity, as well as the food and non alcoholic beverages – price increases couldn’t offset.

The inflation for a longer time, exceeding the 2 percent inflation target.

The british european union membership held in 2016 referendum since experience pound weakening significant pressure on the companies, which therefore formed part of the costs are passed on to the consumers. The oil price recently experienced a rise and the pound against the euro being indisposed, as well as the economic growth deceleration in both consumer prices may lead to an increase – say experts who expect inflation to early next year, reach their peak in the next two years is 2.6 percent.

The british central bank in early August forecast published in the autumn of 3 percent around peak inflation forecast.

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