Complementaire sante : verspieren recasts the experience customers online for a quadruple benefit…

Verspieren, the first French broker to family capital, is accelerating its digital transformation by organizing to redesign its extranet Health for all insured persons and the services of human resources management. aims to strengthen the quality of services and increase customer satisfaction.

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Boost your gains is a platform that has been established pursuant to the synergy of several working groups. The insured were able to give their opinions and indicate their expectations while testing the relevance of the course users. At the same time, a roundtable discussion with HR managers to understand their needs in order to increase the use of the extranet.

This new tool has the function to revolutionize the customer relationship in the field of insurance of persons. This new space digital fully reconfigured provides a quadruple benefit in the relationship employee-director of human resources.

Easy access to complementary health has been created in responsive design and comes as well in different media, from mobile to desktop, to allow to the insured and to the HRD a continuous connection, fluid and intuitive. Employees can independently access all of the services complementary Health in any time and any place. The HR departments are, therefore, less stressed and can devote themselves to tasks with higher added value.

A service designed for all insured persons

In this context of digital development, Verspieren do not forget the need for human support. And, in particular, on topics such as health, which generate from the insured many questions. Verspieren provides an advisory role and proximity support. To do this, he doubles his team’s service Relationship with the insured on the most important period between November and February, and develops support tools (avatar, chat, cobrowsing).

This guarantee of customer satisfaction and thus strengthens the right choice of HR managers in the field of complementary.

Enhancement of the effectiveness of complementary health

This platform has the objective of enabling employees to become aware of the effectiveness of their complementary Health. They will be able to get count of all of the expenses that they have not had to adjust thanks to the collateral of their contract. This objective contributes to the promotion of the contract selected and the quality of the HRD.

Assistance in the choice of the best course of care

Verspieren ensures a financial balance in terms of care, and the sustainability of the enterprise agreement. This balance is maintained through advice on the control of expenditure, information on changes in the contract and suggestions for referral to care networks. The balance of the Health plan, the HR department becomes an actor in the maintenance of social peace within the company.

These solutions are already being appreciated by the insured. 75% believe be satisfied by the avatar, and 95% by the chat. The old platform was 35 000 connections per day, and relies largely outstrip these figures.

“We are constantly in search of digital tools innovative to reconsider the customer experience. The solutions developed emerge through a co-construction with our clients to ensure optimal offers. The tools that we put in place are not fixed, but evolve over time in a process of continuous improvement. ” argues Aisha Mahloul, Chief digital officer of Verspieren.

Home-mother of the Group Verspieren, Verspieren benefits from the best of the business of insurance brokerage, driven by its family of 22 companies. Thanks to the know-how of 2061 employees of the Group, Verspieren creates the necessary synergies that guarantee our clients with the insurance solutions best suited to their issues. Its collective strength combined with the financial strength of the Group enables Verspieren to bring its customers the best insurance at the best price, in France and internationally. In 2016, the Group Verspieren has achieved a turnover of 345 million euros. –

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