Companies leave China because of customs duties, says Trump


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The companies have transferred their production from China to Vietnam and other asian countries because of the tariffs on the chinese products, ” said Donald Trump, who believes that no kind of agreement “50-50” can not be found with Beijing.

In an interview with Fox News last week and aired on Sunday evening, the president emphasized that the United States and China had a “very good agreement” that the latter had “changed”.

“I then said, ‘may it be so’ and we’ll impose tariffs on their products.”, he said in this interview conducted two days after being raised from 10% to 25% tariffs on $ 200 billion of chinese products.

No cycle of talks are expected between chinese negotiators and the u.s. since the end of the last negotiations on 10 may.

Donald Trump has taken the decision to increase customs duties on chinese products because Beijing has backtracked on some of its commitments, according to senior american officials.

Since, China is holding a speech to be more severe, considering that the United States was not sincere and implying that a resumption of talks would not happen any time soon.

In the interview with presenter Steve Hilton, Trump says he would be happy to maintain the tariffs on the chinese products but that he thinks that China will eventually conclude an agreement with the United States because they “are getting killed by customs duties”.

He claims to have told the chinese president Xi Jinping before the last round of negotiations that no agreement “50-50” could not be found between the two countries and that it should be more favorable to the United States because of China’s trade practices.

(David Lawder and Nandita Bose; Arthur Connan for the French service)

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