Communiqué from the annual general meeting in Velcora Holding AB (publ)


The annual general meeting has been held in Velcora Holding AB (publ), 556830-4033, (“Velcora” or the “Company”) whereby the shareholders essentially made the following decision.

Adoption of income statement and balance sheet

The agm resolved to adopt the income statement and the balance sheet and the consolidated income statement and the consolidated balance sheet.

Allocation of result

The meeting decided to treat this year’s results, in accordance with the board’s proposal, meaning that the profit for the year was balanced in new account.


The general meeting decided to grant each of the members of the board (including alternates, in the event that they have served) and the managing director from liability for their management of the Company’s affairs in 2016.

The election of the board of directors and the auditors and audit

The agm resolved that the board of directors shall consist of four members and two deputy board members. It was resolved that the Company shall have one registered accounting firm as auditor.

Re-elected board members Björn Leidelöf, Ulrik Smith, Lennart Sundén and Göran Wallenus. Ulrik Smith was re-elected as chairman of the board. Christoffer Wallenius (re-election) and Tor Olov Seim (new election) were elected as alternates.

KPMG was re-elected as the Company’s auditor. KPMG has announced that authorized public accountant Håkan Reising Ohlsson continues as the auditor in charge.

The meeting decided that all regular members of the board shall receive 140 000 sek (excluding vat) in fees. Fees shall not be awarded to the alternates. Fees to the auditor shall be paid according to approved invoices.

For further information, please contact:

Peter Schmid, ceo, tel: 070-878 43 05

Jonatan Forsberg, CFO, tel: 070-878 43 33

The information from the Velcora Holding AB (publ) was submitted for publication on 12 June 2017, there is a 19.00 CET.

Communiqué from the annual general meeting 2017 in Velcora Holding AB (publ)

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