Cold on the low-cost long-haul

Has just launched, the airlines long-haul low-cost have already lead in the wing ? Norwegian, the pioneer of the carriers of a new kind, has just announced a reduction of its wing. The Norwegian company said, Tuesday 4 September, on the occasion of a meeting with the investors of its intention to sell a large part of the aircraft that it had ordered from Airbus and Boeing.

Norwegian wants to separate of Boeing 737 aircraft are already in operation on several of its destinations, and 90-Airbus A320 Neo, which must be delivered in the course of the next few years. “In fact, they are available for sale. We started a process where we will try to find a new lessee for this aircraft, ” said Geir Karlsen, cfo of Norwegian. To accompany its rapid development, the company has been very greedy, with no less than 210 aircraft ordered from Airbus and Boeing. Now, she wants to keep half of it.

The Paris-Denver suspended

This announcement “is a marker of the group’s financial difficulties,” says Stéphane Albernhe, president of the consulting practice Archery Strategy Consulting (ASC). This sudden halt appears to be the direct consequence of the explosion of the debt of Norwegian – it has now reached more than 2 billion euros. After winning more than € 1.14 billion in 2016, the company plunged into the red last year with a loss of 31 million. This reversal of fortune much like a crisis of growth. It must be said that, for the past two years, the company has grown at a brisk pace.

During this period, therefore, she ordered the aircraft to tower of arm, and its fleet, which already exceeds the 150 aircraft, should grow to nearly 170 devices at the end of 2018. At the same time, Norwegian has sought to expand its footprint by opening relentlessly…

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