Coface, according to economic terms more favorable to be a Macron victory

The france-based Coface credit insurance latest assessment is expected to Emmanuel Macron, will win the second round of the French presidential election, the centre candidate’s victory, according to them more favorable may be the French economy’s rival, the radical right-wing Marine Le Pen’s triumph at.

The credit insurance for the MTI to on Thursday sent a communication according to the euro area in terms of the riskiest scenario two radical candidate competition was the second round that we don’t have to count.
In the second round to get Marine Le Pen to the eurozone leaving a possibility he called during the campaign – reminded me of.

Coface’s analysis of the elections at a time when the French economy’s positive prospects, this year and the last year equal to 1.3% of gross domestic product growth.

The business confidence in the elections, despite the multiannual peak in France, credit insurance, according to help the economy, the infrastructure and the service sector developed, skilled and productive workforce, a competitive international companies, as well as to France the global agricultural markets within one of the most significant players. Risk at the same time, the French economy, that in the latter period decreased the competitiveness, and the more or less innovative the French companies – written.

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