Close to 10-year high the euro may investor sentiment index

Analysis by better-than-expected improvement, almost 10 years ago top of increased investor sentiment in the euro area in may from April, also a significant improvement after. In may, 27,4, 2007. since July to the highest level to the Sentix frankfurt institute for economic research investor sentiment index in April 23,9 point. Last year in may, much lower to 6.2 points on the indicator.
Analysts may this year on weaker 25,3 accurate indicator.

In may, the current situation with respect to alindex January 2008 since the highest level of 34.5 points to a rise in April of 28.8 points. The prospects almutató 2015 August since the highest value was 20.5 points on may for the April 19,3 point.

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