Climate : the United States could stay in the Paris Agreement

A step back, then one forward. After having reaffirmed Saturday 16 September that there would be “no change in the position of the United States in respect of the Paris agreement”, contrary to the hopes of some european diplomats, the white House softened the message. Sunday, CBS television, us secretary of State Rex Tillerson said:

“The president has stated that he was open to the research of conditions allowing us to remain committed alongside the other on what we all consider as a problem to solve”.

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A meeting of the thirty countries in Montreal

Saturday, the ministers of the Environment of some thirty countries have moved resolutely to Montreal to the implementation of the Paris agreement on climate, endorsed by the end of 2015 in Paris by nearly 200 countries in the world. “We are pleased with the success of our meeting” and the reaffirmation that”the Paris agreement is irreversible and non-negotiable,” said the canadian minister of climate Change Catherine McKenna at the final press conference.

A speech Macron Monday at the Un

Donald Trump has announced that at the end of the spring his intention to leave the United States of the agreement. He had, however, added to want to enter into negotiations, or to return to in the agreement, or to “enter into a new transaction on terms that are fair to the United States, their companies, their employees, their people, their taxpayers”. In mid-July, the French president Emmanuel Macron, after his talks with the us president, had said that Washington might reconsider its decision to withdraw from the agreement.

Emmanuel Macron should address the issue of global warming Monday, in New York, during his first speech to the general Assembly of the united nations.

(With Reuters and AFP)

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