Clean Motion AB delårsredogörelse for January-march 2017


Clean Motion AB

presents its delårsredogörelse for January – march 2016. The company is presenting a sale on the 1 419 THOUSAND (466 THOUSAND) and an operating profit of -1 818 THOUSAND (-667 THOUSAND).

PRESIDENT Göran Folkesson comment on its CEO’s words:

“I feel that climate change and the transition to a more sustainable transport system is rarely a sufficient priority. But, now a week, has one of India’s leading think-tanks, “Niti Aayog”, published a report with ideas for a new sustainable transport system. One of the main thoughts is about the need for India to jump over the development step with personal car ownership and instead create solutions for shared resources. Another proposal is to create a battery exchange for 2-and 3-wheelers at the national level. This is totally in a Clean Motion thoughts and something we discussed with both the authorities and the industry. Another good news is that I am in the week heard a transportation in Sweden talk about transportnyttan in terms of vehicle weight per seat as a measure of the energy efficiency. This is one of the cornerstones of our design philosophy. We are currently at 90kg per passenger, while a tram has 170kg and a Tesla (or XC90) has almost unimaginable 460 kg/passenger. These discussions have now reached cruising speed, I see as clear signs that we have absolutely the right product for the future.


We have finally got started with the business at the ‘Mall of India’ in Noida, which also means that we have approval in the state of Uttar Pradesh in addition to Haryana and Rajasthan. We are working hard on to reach volume production in India, which is a demanding process where we are constantly taking steps forward. We are now ready with an indian business plan that we developed together with well-established local companies. We expect to be able to present a funding for this expansive plan later in the current quarter.


In march, we presented the ZbeeConnect, our solutions for connected vehicles. This is a very important and exciting field which significantly contributes to increased efficiency in vehicle fleets. Connected vehicles form the basis for to be able to support business models in a delningssamhälle and is an important component of our long-term strategy. As an example of solution can we with ZbeeConnect create effective fordonspoolslösningar that will not require a traditional key.

Zbee Cargo

We have just launched a lastversion of the Zbee as we see a great interest in Europe where most cities require new solutions for the final distribution of goods. In combination with ZbeeConnect I see that we have a very strong offer for new logistics solutions.



Our client Bzzt, who plan the taxi business with the Zbee in Stockholm, has decided to postpone its planned launch at the end of april to be during may. This is because they wanted to assure the quality of their mobile app for another turn. We eagerly look forward to seeing a larger fleet Zbee roll out on the streets of Stockholm.

2017 has really started with intense activity and I expect that we will increase the rate further during the year, which will lead to increased volumes.”



The report in its entirety is attached.

Lerum, 2017-05-15

For more information, please contact:

Göran Folkesson

Managing director, Clean Motion AB

Tel: +46 735 320 273


The information in this press release/this report is such that Clean Motion AB must publish according to the act (1991:980) on trading in financial instruments act (2007:528) securities market act and/or the EU regulation no 596/2014 on market abuse.

If Clean Motion AB

Clean Motion AB is a Swedish company that manufactures and sells electric vehicles. The company’s vision is to develop truly sustainable products as the great mass of the world’s population can afford. Clean Motion has developed the next generation of efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles to meet the 2000 – century transportation needs. The company’s electric vehicle, Zbee, is lightweight, has a high efficiency and thus a very good operating economy. Clean Motion provides the market with secure and energy-efficient vehicles for a sustainable stadstrafikmiljö.

Clean Motion AB is listed on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm. G&W Fondkommission is the Company appointed Certified Adviser. For further information, please visit:


Clean Motion PM, 20170515, Delarsredogorelse for January-march 2017

Interim Report Clean Motion 2017 January-March

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