China’s foreign minister exhorts the Dprk and the united states.

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi calls on north Korea not to go ahead on the dangerous path that the country embarked on. At the same time, the US should stick to its promise and non-aggression against Pyongyang.

It is clear from a statement from China’s foreign ministry on Friday, according to Reuters.

”Regardless of changes in conditions, no matter how long it takes, no matter the difficulties we face, China will always stand firmly on the objective of a avnuklearisering of the (Korean) peninsula, and to go against the call,” said Wang Yi, ahead of the UN general assembly on Thursday.

Earlier on Friday stated that north korea’s president Kim Jong Un threatened that Donald Trump should pay dearly for his speech in the UN general assembly earlier in the week. He said that Trump is ”disturbed”.

Within the same category, Reuters reported, also on Friday, according to iranian news agency Tasnim as Iran has developed a new ballistic missile, with a range of 2,000 kilometers and capable of carrying multiple warheads.

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