China’s assault on the european electronic

China is preparing to assault the european electronics ? A first operation sounds like a warning about the intentions of the Middle kingdom. Tsinghua (Unigroup) would be in the pass to redeem the fund CVC Capital Partners, the discrete Linxens, a French company specialized in the microconnecteurs for SIM cards and banking, and RFID antennas, reported Reuters and Bloomberg, Wednesday, July 25.

With 3,000 employees and 500 million euros of revenue in 2017, Linxens is a Small Poucet of the semi-conductor industry. Amount of the transaction : € 2.2 billion. The takeover, which could result in the next few weeks, still requires the approval of the regulatory authorities of france and europe.

For Tsinghua, ambitions flowing in the industry, this minor acquisition could announce other ? In a few years, the chinese group became the flag carrier of the ambitions of Beijing in the field of semi-conductors. Over the next decade, the country intends to establish itself as a global giant in the sector. A goal erected in a national priority, while China imports almost all of these electronic components fitted on the smartphones and computers built on its soil. Since 2012, the asian giant is spending even more for its imports of semi-conductors than oil.

“This dependence translates into a lack of value-added. This is why they invest both in the memories flash and DRAM. For the moment, without much result. But in LCD screens, they are now present as well. And it is even said that on the OLED [a new screen technology], a chinese manufacturer could be working for Apple “, points out Benoit Flamant, fund manager high tech chez Finaltis.

The development of the industry-key is one of the pillars of the plan ” Made in China 2025 “, which aims to support the rise in…

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