China-USA: Trump seeks to massively increase purchases from china to the USA

© Reuters. China-USA: Trump would focus on the chinese shopping

according To information released this afternoon by CNBC, the US president Donald Trump would be concentrated on purchases of chinese products to US in the context of the negotiations to reach a trade agreement :

“American officials who are working on a trade agreement with China focusing on the long-term changes in the economy of this country. But the president, Donald Trump is determined to reduce the trade deficit and is pushing its negotiators to bring China to buy more products and goods to US, according to two people informed about the progress of discussions, ” says CNBC.

Recall that China has already committed to buy it for 1200 billions of dollars of products to US, but Trump would like to see this figure “double or triple” according to the information of the day.

If this is confirmed, an agreement between China and the United States could be close.

In fact, China has no problem to spend more, but it remains very reluctant to make the structural changes demanded by the Trade representative Lightizer. It would, therefore, probably do to buy more products from US, if this allows him not to be forced to make profound changes in the functioning of its economy.

Next to US, to conclude an agreement on the basis of massive purchases of products to US by China would allow Trump to put an end to the trade war without losing face.

This would also then put forward the improvement of the trade balance to US, not to mention the fact that the signature of an agreement with the China doperait also the financial markets, what research Trump, who closely links the evolution of the US stock Exchanges and effectiveness of its policy in its comments.

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