China-USA: mixed mind on the subject of the negotiations before meeting Trump-Liu

© Reuters. Opinions are mixed about the relationship China-USA

The trade negotiations between China and the US continent to spark the optimism, but opinions careful also exist, which should encourage them to temper expectations.

Yesterday evening, CBNC reported that China believes that the discussions are positive, which is confirmed by the fact that the US president, Donald Trump had planned to meet with chinese vice Premier Liu this Friday at the end of a new week of discussions between the two countries.

It should be noted that, for its part, the Wall Street Journal noted yesterday evening that ” substantial ditches remain between the negotiators, US and chinese about the key points in the tensions existing business “, according to sources close to the discussions.

The rating agency Moody’s adopted a tone of cautious in a analysis note published last night, warning that although concessions can without doubt be granted by China, he should not expect a fundamental change in regards to the opening of the chinese economy on the outside.

China would try in effect to charm the USA, offering to buy huge amounts of agricultural products to US, which could mean according to the experts, that the country wants to avoid making concessions on issues more sensitive, such as during the Yuan or the protection of intellectual property, of the subjects on which the United States will undoubtedly require efforts to accept an agreement and put an end to the commercial war.

Anyway, the markets will continue waiting for reports following the meeting between Trump and Liu this afternoon.

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