China-USA: Beijing should adjust its response to a conflict that expands It is increasingly evident since the United States has prohibited access to technologies US to the chinese company Huawei, the conflict between China and the United States is no longer simply a trade war.

The idea which is becoming more prevalent in China is that the final goal of Donald Trump is to undermine the development of China, in the face of the evidence that it will become in a relatively short period of time the first economic power and strategic world, a delightful this coveted title in the USA.

However, in the face of the strategy of more aggressive United States, China will have to adapt its response, and to broaden the scope of its responses in the face of attacks on US.

This is what is proposed today, the Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) Hu XiJin, the editor-in-chief of the chinese newspaper Global Times, that was supposed to offer according to the analysis a window into the thinking of the chinese government.

It was felt that ” the repression american against chinese companies, including Huawei, is no longer a trade war. The United States are in the process of moving from the protection of their interests in the destruction of China. It looks more and more air attacks against the high-tech enterprises in china. China is considering a qualitative change counter-measures. “

By ” qualitative change “, Hu XiJin suggests that China will exceed the framework of the tariffs to meet US, and be more creative.

This tallies with the information revealed by the same author in a previous tweet, in which China could reduce the supply-US rare earths :

If China is acting in accordance with these speculations, it will probably expect Donald Trump to implement its threat to tax an additional $300 billion of chinese products exported to the United States, which will tax all chinese goods purchased by the USA.

In this case, the consequences are already very real in the commercial war on the world economy will grow, and fears of recession could become a reality in Europe and the United States.

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