China-USA: Beijing is not afraid of the impact of the trade war, the tone remains firm

China remains firm in his verbal sparring with the United States, with new comments from the chinese ministry of commerce this Thursday.

Therefore, it has been repeated that the China will take the necessary measures if the USA continue to add tariffs, referring to the threat of a Trump of taxing a new tranche of 300 Bn USD of chinese imports.

The the chinese ministry of Commerce has announced that it had received no information on the visit of a US delegation in China, which could mean that the discussions are currently at a standstill.

China has also commented on the case of Huawei (Trump started the process to banish the society of the country), and considers that the principle of national security évoquépar the USA is abusive.

The ministry also reiterated that China will not make concessions on some important principles, ensuring that the impact of the trade war in China is ” entirely manageable “, and stressing that the country will put in place measures to mitigate this impact.

Finally, the chinese ministry of Commerce has estimated that companies and consumers in the US are the real victims of the trade war.

There are therefore several important things to note here :

In fact, about China, suggests she is not afraid of the confrontation with the USA, and that it is prepared to manage the consequences of an aggravation of the trade war, and that therefore it will remain firm in the negotiations (if it continues).

As for comments about companies and consumers in US, they are without doubt intended to remind Trump that a trade war that would have economic consequences too pronounced will not play in his favor for the elections of 2020, where it briguera a second term.

At this stage, it is therefore the uncertainty that dominates, with strong statements of both parties concerned, which contrast widely with the many statements of confidence in the negotiations that could raise there are still a few week, and that had prompted him to believe that an agreement was imminent.

Finally, the fact that no fast US is scheduled to Beijing at this stage, does not anticipate that the situation may improve in the short term…

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