China: The stock markets end up in scattered order; the index Shanghai Composite declined 0.19%

China: The stock markets have finished the session in a scattered fashion on Wednesday; the progress of the sectors, Equipment, services and distribution petroleum, Software and computer services, and Technology has contributed to this haussealors that the downturn in the sectors Finance, Gas, water and community services, and Services and real estate investments have had, on prices, an effect decrease.

In closing to Shanghai, the index Shanghai Composite has dropped to 0.19%, while the index SZSE Component was an increase of 0.05%.

The best performance of the session for the index Shanghai Composite is to be put to the credit of the title Hareon Solar Technology Co Ltd (SS:600401) increased 13.33% or 0,020 points for a closing price of 0,170. In the second position, we find Danhua Chemical Technology Co Ltd (SS:600844) who wins 10,12% is 0,430 points for a close at 4,680. The title Shanghai Shenqi Pharmaceutical Investment Management Co Ltd (SS:600613) completes the top three with a growth of 10,06%, or 0,720 points for a end of the session, to 7,880.

Henan Yuguang Gold&Lead Co Ltd (SS:600531), sign the worst performance of the session, losing 10,05% or 0,580 points for a closing price of 5,190. Gansu Ronghua Industry Group Co Ltd (SS:600311) gives up 10.04 per cent is 0,550 points and ends at 4,930. For its part, First Tractor Co Ltd (SS:601038) loose 10,03%, or to 1,190 points for a closing price of 10,680.

The best performance of the index, SZSE Component back to Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting (SZ:300347), which won a 10.00% for a course 74,89, EVE Energy (SZ:300014) increased by 8.05% at 29,25 and Asymchem Laboratories Tian Jin Co Ltd (SZ:002821) who wins to 6.63% for a closing price at 97,48.

The values of the less powerful are Shenzhen Selen Science&Technology Co Ltd (SZ:002341) in the decline of 9.99% 6.22 in closing, Yintai Resources Co Ltd (SZ:000975) who loses 9,97% to 12,92, and Goldleaf Jewelry Co Ltd (SZ:000587), down from 9.86% to 2.56 in close.

The titles in the drop exceeded the number of titles rising to the Shanghai stock Exchange by 699 values to 685 and 98 stable.

The securities Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting (SZ:300347) increased and reached a historical high, with an increase of 10.00% or 6.81 era points to a course of 74,89. Securities Shenzhen Selen Science&Technology Co Ltd (SZ:002341) have decreased and reached a low of 3 years, after having abandoned 9,99% is 0,69 points for a course of 6.22. The securities Asymchem Laboratories Tian Jin Co Ltd (SZ:002821) increased and reached a historical high, after being granted to 6.63% is 6,06 points for a course of 97,48.

The CBOE China Etf Volatility index, which measures the implied volatility of options on the index the Shanghai Composite, has remained stable at 0.00% up to 21.85.

On the other hand, the gold for delivery in August lost to 0.44% or 6.25 points, to $1.412,45 a troy ounce. Regarding other raw materials, crude oil for delivery in August rose 1.69%, that is, of 0.98 points for a course of $58.81 to the barrel, while the Brent for delivery in September gained 1.24 per cent is 0,80 points for a $65,08 the barrel.

The pair USD/CNY has registered an increase of 0.08% to 6,8847, while the pair EUR/CNY has taken on 0,13% to 7,8279.

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