China closes the door to u.s. companies to finance

This is the first concrete measure aimed at american firms in China. Beijing has suspended the granting of licenses for financial companies in the us. Certainly, the empire of the Mid – accused of protectionism – had made the partial opening of its financial sector to foreign companies as one of its leading reforms of 2018. But that was counting without the trade war, which tends to the relations between the United States and China.

Tuesday, September 11, at a meeting with officials of ministerial rank, members US-China Business Council (USCBC) have been informed that the american companies of the finance should wait a little longer to get their licenses. And as long as the sino-american relations do not improve, is seen to explain Jacob Parker, the vice-president of the USCBC, which represents two hundred large u.s. companies present in China, interviewed by the Associated Press. And it’s clear that this is the first time that the lobby has access to officials as high-ranking, a sign that China has on the bosses in the u.s. to discourage the administration of Donald Trump to put his threats in execution.

To avoid an escalation

After taxes of 25 % applied to each other by China and the United States over 50 billion dollars (43 billion euros) of imported products, the us president threatens, in effect, to impose additional duties on $ 200 billion of chinese goods in the coming days, even all 500 billion of chinese imports. On Monday, a spokesman for the chinese foreign ministry, Geng Shuang, assured that China “would certainly counter-measures” if the u.s. tariff on $ 200 billion of chinese imports were to be applied.

In this tense context, the Chinese and Americans are ready, this week, to resume language to avoid a…

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