Charles-de-Gaulle airport Express : the train of the rich, ” attacked in the Senate

A train can hide another : the guerrilla warfare between the State and the elected officials of the Val-d’oise on the realization of line 17 of the future automatic metro in the paris region, the Grand Paris Express, has just stop at the station of the Senate, its proposed competitor, the Charles-de-Gaulle Express (CDGE). This direct and fast connection between the airport of Roissy and the train station Is in the capital city is nicknamed “the train of the rich” by its many detractors.

The loan by the State of 1.7 billion euros to the consortium in charge of implementing this rail line, voted by the deputies on 16 November through an amendment to the government the draft of finance law (PLF) for 2018, has been cancelled by the senators. Arnaud Bazin, senator (LR) of the Val-d’oise, passed Monday, November 27, in the session an amendment simply deleting the article 25 bis.

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