Change the taxation and social protection to encourage mobility international

Commissioned in January by the prime minister, the member LRM Anne Genetet handed Tuesday, September 11, a report on the international mobility to encourage the mobility of French abroad. It has been drafted on the basis of a survey of 970 000 people (36 328 respondents) in the spring of 2018. “The community of French citizens abroad is changing, with a number of departures and returns-annual increase of 2.5% to 3.5 %, and profiles are increasingly diverse,” said Ms. Genetet.

Its importance is still the subject of debate, as they are recognized officially as those who voluntarily register in the register of French citizens abroad. Between the studies of the Insee, the data of bodies of social protection and those at the Quai d’orsay, the estimates reach 3 million French citizens abroad.

The report presents no less than 215 of recommendations on taxation, social protection, access to public services and the return in France. A previous report Conway-Mouret, published in 2015, on the conditions of return in France, had made some progress on this point, including the creation of a digital platform ( A balance sheet welcomed by Ms. Genetet during the presentation of his report to the press on September 12 : “I have had very good feedback from the users. But to facilitate the mobility of French abroad is a long-term work. It is necessary to act on several levers to make the mobility smoother. “


In this catalogue of 215 recommendations – including 9 in the foreword , those concerning taxation (47 recommendations) could be the first to come to fruition. The mp intends to introduce them quickly in the form of an amendment in the framework of the project of finance law. It proposes, among others :

– The application of a progressive scale…

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