Certification EASA of the Ardiden 3G

Safran Helicopter Engines has received EASA (european Agency for aviation safety) the type certificate of the engine Ardiden 3G, which team the helicopter Ka-62 from Russian Helicopters. The latter has made its inaugural flight official may 25, 2017. Since its first tests on the ground, the engines of the family Ardiden 3 will have accumulated more than 8,500 hours of testing. The test campaign is particularly intensive, the Ardiden 3G will provide a high level of maturity at the time of his entry into service.

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Unveiled in 2010, the Ardiden 3 is the only new generation engine on the market niche of power from 1,700 to 2,000 shp, destined to helicopters in the 6 to 9 tonnes. In 2011, a variant, the Ardiden 3G has been selected by Russian Helicopters to motorize the Ka-62. Another variant, the Ardiden 3C / WZ16, has been selected by the chinese manufacturer Avicopter to motorize the AC352. The latter has made its maiden flight in December 2016.

“This is a very important step in the development of the Ka-62 and the result of an important work on the part of teams of Safran Helicopter Engines. This certification EASA gives us the opportunity to accelerate the certification of the Ka-62 to international standards and offering in these markets. On the Russian market, we expect to have a certification next to the engine by a Federal Agency of the Russian Air Transport “, said Andrey Boginsky, president and CEO of Russian Helicopters.

“This first certification is a major milestone for the program Ardiden 3. The engine demonstrated exceptional performance, and its certification is an important step in the programme of flight testing of the Ka-62. We are fully committed to support the Russian Helicopter in this helicopter “, said Bruno Even, President of the Safran Helicopter Engines.

The Ardiden 3 is characterized by an effective combination of new and proven technologies to get exceptional performance and costs of operation and reduced maintenance, with a TBO (Time between overhaul) of 5 000 hours at entry into service. The Ardiden 3 provides a fuel consumption reduced by 10% compared to competitor engines in this category.

Safran is an international high-technology group, a leading original equipment manufacturer in the fields of Aeronautics, Space and Defence. Located on all continents, the Group employs approximately 58 000 employees and a turnover of 15.8 billion euros in 2016. Saffron is a company listed on Euronext Paris and is part of the CAC 40 and Euro Stoxx 50.

Safran Helicopter Engines is the world leader in helicopter engines, with more than 72 000 engines produced since its creation. The company offers the widest range of turboshaft and account 2 500 customers in 155 countries.

For more information : www.safran-group.com and www.safran-helicopter-engines.com / Follow @Saffron and @SafranHCEngines on Twitter

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