CB creates the “LAB by CB” To imagine the commerce and the payment of tomorrow

Paris, June 8, 2017 – The innovation is in the DNA of the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB. The adoption of the smart card to the contactless card, CB has always been incorporated numerous innovations in the payment by card to give it more ergonomics, value and security. In 2016, the CB system has operated over $ 12 billion of payments and withdrawals, is, on average, 400 transactions per card all seconds, supporting the card as the preferred means of payment of French. More than 40% of domestic consumption is now set up with a CB.

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In response to the growth of the uses, CB and its member banks have agreed to intensify their innovation policy through the initiative, the LAB by CB, who wants to be a crossroads of exchanges between the banks, merchants, startups, academia and solution providers the most dynamic.

At the heart of the missions of the LAB by CB as a priority : incubate the trends of tomorrow, and innovate with new customer paths integrating the payment.

The LAB by CB relies on partnerships to identify new concepts and contributes to their development to the test before they can be transformed into products or services. The goal is to make the customer paths more fluid, more in line with the new modes of consumption, with the final payment even more integrated. A route without a seam that goes beyond the payment omnicanal. If the ergonomics is part of the prerequisites, the security will also remain always at the heart of considerations.

The LAB by CB develops interaction between the world bank and fintech, two worlds that are not necessarily on the same rhythms and the same constraints. The LAB by CB is in a process of “open innovation” and ” test and learn “. The experience of some, associated with the dynamism of the other will create the opportunity for many advancements.

Card, biometric, business conversational, terminal micro-grants : 3 projects that will enter in testing phase

Founded in early 2017, the LAB by CB is already working on several projects of which 3 will enter into the testing phase.
The contactless smart card biometric : Designed and developed by Oberthur Technologies – Morpho®, this new card features a fingerprint reader that will no longer have to dial his pin to pay for his purchases. The association of contactless technologies and biometric will allow a payment even faster and more secure. The revolution have been able to make this new map without offset, making it compatible with all payment terminals existing.
The commerce conversational : Developed in partnership with Worldline®, this new concept of customer journey connects the instant messaging Facebook Messenger® and the chatbot of a trader. The whole process of buying is done on the principle of user-friendliness and in the same spirit of a discussion between friends, with the phase of a fully integrated payment, with PayLib® in particular. A course that specifically targets the millenials.
The terminal micro-donations : Developed in partnership with Ingenico®, and the manufacturer of terminal Neo Legend®, this new concept enables us to associate a moment of relaxation and contactless payment, a donation to a charity. This terminal located in places of waiting as a train station for example, will increase the opportunities to make a gift. The way to give heart to your card or your smartphone, without contact. This terminal is in demonstration on the stand for Ingenico at VivaTech from 15 to 18 June.
The LAB by CB present at the Viva Technology ™
It was logical that the LAB by CB participates in VivaTech, a large gathering of global stakeholders in the digital. The LAB by CB is organising the challenge, “connected commerce UX” and will reward the 15 June, the 3 most innovative projects. Among the hundred or so applications, 8 French start-ups and foreign companies have been pre-screened. They will come to the June 15, present their projects and defend the originality of their approach. The LAB by CB will work on a Proof Of Concept with the winner of the project that the jury will be considered as the best.
Philippe Laulanie, Director-General of the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB comments : “The LAB by CB is not a technology-based, it is also a veritable incubator of trends. The collaborative approach that we have adopted allows us to expand the vision around the payment and to incorporate the modes of consumption today but also those of tomorrow. We want to build partnerships to increase the chances of detecting all the signals, even the weakest. The LAB by CB must be a facilitator and an accelerator of the placing on the market of innovations are the most relevant. ”

About the LAB by CB

LAB by CB, think outside the box.
Created in 2017, the LAB by CB, fintech internal the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB has for vocation to imagine the commerce and the payment of tomorrow. The LAB by CB develops innovative concepts on the basis of new technologies, new use cases. Operating on the principle of design thinking and open innovation LAB by CB’s ambition was to co-build new customer experiences and to do this must be projected beyond the payment so that it integrates better in the course without break. In partnership with the member banks, CB, traders, startups, academia and solution providers, the LAB by CB is giving itself the means to detect the future trends.

About CB

CB, integrator of innovation.

Created in 1984 to implement a system of payment by cards universal and interoperable system and a system of cash withdrawal in the atms in France, the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB, an organization non-profit, is the organ of governance of the system of payment by cards CB. CB had in 2016, 112 banks and payment institutions members located all over the world.

CB defines the overall architecture of the system, the rules and procedures of interbank and manages the risks. CB also defines technical standards, and safe and ensures that the products and services used in the CB system comply with the requirements of these standards. In addition, CB operates an information system, providing its members with data mining tools very efficient to fight against the fraud.

CB is the payment system leader in France with :
66.5 million cards CB outstanding,
57 136 atms,
1 490 144 contracts traders CB
12.11 billion transactions for a total of 592.5 billion euros in 2016.

For more information, see www.cartes-bancaires.com

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