Case Cambridge Analytica : “Select images “like” says a lot about your personality “

Forum. The association between Cambridge Analytica (CA) and Facebook has all the attributes of a thriller from Hollywood – a CEO villain worthy of a James Bond movie, a billionaire recluse, a whistleblower at once naive and confrontational, a specialist in trend data that becomes politicard, a professor twisted and, of course, a president triumphant and his influential family.

The vast majority of articles in the press in recent days has focused on the manner in which Cambridge Analytica had been able to obtain data covering more than 50 million users Facebook ; and then, on the way in which it was unable to delete these data when asked to do so. But very little interest has been focused on what the british company has actually done with these data once they are acquired.

The way in which Cambridge Analytica has used the data in the last us presidential campaign is actually the most interesting part of the story. His approach to the segmentation and data analysis is in effect a major change in the way in which analytical work can be used to generate knowledge and influence.

Pollsters have long used segmentation to target specific groups of voters according to categories such as gender, age, income, level of education, the number of persons in the household, political affiliation, preferences, purchases… The machine analysis of the data, Hillary Clinton used the modern techniques of segmentation to target groups of voters to be relevant according to the same method adopted by Obama four years earlier.

The data psychographic perform a segmentation according to the personality

Gold, Cambridge Analytica provided by contract, all new weapons to the electoral machine of Trump. Him…

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