Case Cambridge Analytica : Mark Zuckerberg scarcely recognize its responsibilities

Mark Zuckerberg is never past for a great communicator. He takes his decisions alone, to the surprise, sometimes, its staff, convinced that the experience counts for little : it is true that the owner of Facebook was only 19 years old when he refused to sell his start-up to Yahoo! for $ 1 billion (815 million euros), and that it is ranked 5th in the fortune of the world, according to the ranking of Forbes, at the age of 33.

At the end of December 2017, some of his colleagues were plucked off the hair. Facebook was already in the line-of-sight. The revelations about the extent of the manipulation of the platform by the Russian agents during the election of 2016 piled up. Old friends, such as investor Roger McNamee, who introduced Sheryl Sandberg, the current operations manager of the social network, Mr. Zuckerberg, and shouted to the threat to democracy. Old frameworks, such as Chamath Palihapitiya, ex-director of growth, were sorry to have participated in the creation of tools that ” are tearing apart the social fabric “…

He had to react. On 4 January, the founder of the platform united states of america announced solemnly that his project 2018 was to ” fix ” it, Facebook. Less than three months later, the network to the 2 billion of friends appears more shaken than ever, and Mark Zuckerberg is notable by its absence. Four days after the revelations of the march 16, on the case of Cambridge Analytica, which has recovered the data of 50 million users without their knowledge, the “boss” still had not made public comment, so that parliamentary committees want to hear it in London, in Washington, up to the european Parliament, and that the action had fallen in the Stock market.

“We should be more open more quickly ”

An information meeting for staff was held, Tuesday, march 20, at Menlo Park (California), but it has been led by the number two in the legal service, Paul…

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