Cardano climbs above the threshold of 0,100105, up 14%

Cardano has risen above the threshold of $0,100105 this Thursday. Cardano moved to 0,100105 at 03:55 (01:55 GMT) Index, up to 13,74% on the day. This is the largest increase since may 14.

This upward movement has actually increased the capitalization of Cardano to $2,57004 B, i.e. 0,98% of the total market capitalisation of cryptomonnaies. Has its historic peak, the capitalization of Cardano was $23,91700 B.

Cardano has moved in a range spreading from $0,093889 to $0,100105 in the last 24 hours.

Over the last 7 days, Cardano was observed with a progression of +54,64%. The volume traded in the last 24 hours on Cardano has reached $217,25802 M 0.22% of the total volume traded on all crypto-currencies. The range of evolution is extended to $0,0592 to $0,1001 in the last 7 days.

Has its current price, Cardano does 92,58% below its historic peak of January 4, 2018 to $1,35.

Bitcoin was hovering at $8.272,2 on Index, up from 3.20% on the day.

Ethereum has evolved into a $264,93 on Index, an increase of 16,54%.

The capitalization of Bitcoin has reached $146,44849 B 56,11% of the total market capitalisation of the cryptos, while the capitalization of Ethereum totaled $27,76714 B which is equivalent to 10,64% of the total value of the market cryptomonnaies.

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