Cardano 10% in a positive trend

Cardano moved to $ 0,081316 at 01:01 (23:01 GMT) on Index Tuesday, up 10,07% on the day. This is the largest increase since may 14.

This increase pushes the total capitalization of the Cardano was $2,08337 B, 0.88% of the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies. Has its historic peak, the capitalization of Cardano has reached $23,91700 B.

Cardano has evolved within a range extending from $0,072407 a $0,082337 over the last 24 hours.

Over the last 7 days, Cardano has posted a progression of +24,56%. The trading volume on Cardano in the last 24 hours has reached $181,85199 M or 0.18% of the total volume traded on all crypto-currencies. He was content in a range of $0,0592 to $0,0823 on the same period.

At its current price, Cardano does 93,98% below its historic peak of January 4, 2018 to $1,35.

Bitcoin currently appears to be $7.938,3 according to Index, up 0.40% on the day.

Ethereum is changing to $218,41 according to Index, an increase of 10,09%.

The capitalization of Bitcoin is currently $139,75712 B 58,94% of the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies, while the capitalization of the Ethereum reached $22,53470 B or 9,50% of the total market of cryptos.

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