CARBIOS and TechnipFMC sign a contract on the recycling enzymatic PET

Clermont-Ferrand and Lyon on 27 June 2017 (06.45 GMT) – CARBIOS (Euronext Growth Paris : ALCRB), an innovative green chemistry, a specialist in bioprocess enzyme applied to the polymers in plastics and textiles, and TechnipFMC (NYSE and Euronext : FTI) today announced the signature of a contract for the industrial development of the process, CARBIOS recycling enzymatic PET, an innovation that allows for the production of PET virgin from waste plastics. This contract covers the assistance to CARBIOS to consolidate the rise in the scale of his process, and ensure industrial competitiveness.

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This proprietary technology is a response to industrial requirements of sustainable development of production processes of the PET, a world market, annual growth of 4% to 5% [1], representing 64 million tons per year[2] ($70 billion), including a third for plastics and two-thirds in textiles. A horizon of 10 years, the annual production of this market is estimated at over 100 million tonnes (110 billion dollars).

This process has been developed for the recycling of plastics basic PET-type bottles, films and packaging. It allows the lifting of the constraints and limitations of the current processes of recycling, for the treatment of any type of material PET (transparent, colored, opaque and complex), and by the return to a PET virgin high performance from plastic waste, thus paving the way for the recycling to the infinity of this material.

CARBIOS and TechnipFMC, the world leader in engineering in the fields of energy, chemistry and industry biosourcées, have entered into a contract to engage the transposition of the pre-pilot to the pilot phase of the process. The assistance will support the development of the project to set the foundations for an industrial process. Through this contract, CARBIOS benefits from both the industrial know-how of TechnipFMC in the engineering of bioprocesses, and for his expertise in the technologies of polymerization of the PET through its subsidiary Technip Zimmer in Germany.

Alain François, General Director of the Operational Centre of TechnipFMC to Lyon, in charge of projects for the chemical industries and biosourcées commented : “We are delighted to work with CARBIOS in the development of this method of recycling enzyme, which is a true revolution in the world of PET. We have a strong experience in process engineering and are very enthusiastic to the idea to accompany CARBIOS in achieving industrial innovation. This is a first in the world of green chemistry to which we can bring our expertise and know-how in the field of the industrialization of processes, engineering and management of projects. ”

Jean-Claude Lumaret, ceo of CARBIOS says : “We are pleased to initiate with TechnipFMC this phase of industrial engineering of our technology. The signing of this agreement is one more step in the transition process biorecyclage of the PET, the status of ” disruptive innovation to the industrial asset of the first order. ”


CARBIOS is a chemical company green whose innovations meet the challenges of environment and sustainable development faced by the industry. Since its creation in 2011, the Company has developed two industrial bioprocesses in the field of bioremediation and biorecyclage polymers. These innovations, which are a first in the world to help optimize the performance and the life cycle of plastics, and textiles by exploiting the properties of enzymes highly specific. The economic development model of CARBIOS is based on the industrialization and the marketing of its products and/or enzymes, its technologies and its bioprocesses through licensing directly or through joint ventures in major industrial sectors affected by the innovations of the Company. In this respect, CARBIOS was founded in September 2016, the joint venture CARBIOLICE, in partnership with Limagrain Cereal Ingredients, and the fund’s SPI operated by Bpifrance. This company, in which CARBIOS ensures majority control, will operate the first technology licensed by CARBIOS in producing pellets enzymés for the manufacture of biodegradable plastics and bio-based. Since its inception, CARBIOS is supported by Truffle Capital (a leading european venture capital firm. CARBIOS benefits from the qualification “Innovative Company” by Bpifrance for the eligibility of the Company’s securities to the investment of Mutual Funds in Innovation (FCIC).

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