Captain Train to the start-up State

An estimated value of 200 million euros, more than 9.5 million surveys, 1.5 million users… At the time of its merger with its british competitor, the Trainline, in march 2016, Captain Train, created in 2009, is on the top of the wave. Yet, not less than five members of the start-up have now joined the teams of the public incubator

Far from a salary mirobolant, or the prospect of entering the Stock market, this is something else that has forced these start-upeurs to success to cross the Rubicon. “The start-up boast about always wanting to change the world, without too much to get there,” says Gregory Novel, former Captain Train, today developer for It is much easier to have an impact, to act for the general interest in a start-up State, affecting many more people. “So much for the positive side.

On the negative side, not much to report, according to him. “There are a lot of similarities in the functioning of these structures. It is in an organization based on trust, which are autonomous in our work. And there is also the desire to do things right technically. “

A community of around 220 people

And if the start-up of State were an argument to attract developers or young graduates to be entrepreneurial ? “Early 2017, it was not easy to recruit talent,” confesses Ivan Collombet, which accompanies the start-up State in But in the past few months, the recruitment problems have completely disappeared. It is enough that we publish a tweet that the applications arrive. “What is it that has changed ?

A community that has widened to around 220 people, projects that have a degree of visibility – as the Pass culture, the “network” is undeniable. And then this urge to find a meaning to his work increasingly shared. “When they see…

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