Canal+ to the attack of the French-speaking Africa

Canal+, a breakdown of growth in France, francophone sub-saharan Africa, where it now has 3.5 million subscribers, a priority. The subsidiary of the giant Vivendi eyeing, like many multinational enterprises, on the new middle class in a continent where rates of growth are dreaming : of 8.3 % expected in Ghana in 2018 by the world Bank, 7.2% in Ivory Coast or still at 6.9 % in Senegal.

But the very concept of middle class is fuzzy and very different from one country to another. To appeal to this loose collection, the French company has launched in recent years a real offensive in the French-speaking african countries : the creation, in 2014, a string of entertainment to the pan-african, A+ ; redemption, in the same year, the group’s Thema and its channels, very much appreciated on the continent, such as Nollywood TV, Novelas TV, and Gospel Music TV ; partnership in 2015, with the distributor and producer of nigerian Iroko ; launching in 2017, a chain consarée the sport in Africa, A+ Sport…

This enlargement and this “africanisation” in all directions of the contents on offer are accompanied by a gradual decline of the price of the decoders and subscriptions. Objective : to meet all tastes and all wallets. “A+, for example, is accessible as soon as the subscription entry to 5 000 CFA francs [approximately 7,50 euros] per month,” explains Damiano Malchiodi, who runs the chain in Abidjan. It is a popular chain, which is aimed at a family audience and which is released today in around twenty countries on the continent. “

The turn of the co-production of local content

If the chain has started buying many series in English-speaking Africa, or the United States, while africanisant emissions western (the cooking competition ” Star Chief “, the télécrochet ” Island Africa Talent “…), she has very quickly taken on the challenge of co-production, local content, thought out, designed…

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