CAC 40: the strong growth In the face of the hope of rate cuts from the ECB

Boosted by hopes of rate cuts by the ECB, the CAC 40 appears in sharp increase on Tuesday with a gain of +1.65% at the time of the writing of this article.

Let us remember that Mario Draghi, the boss of the ECB, is shown to be particularly dovish in a speech in the course of the morning, paving the way for rate cuts from the ECB.

This possibility had already been taken into account by investors, given the economic slowdown and about in this sense on the part of several members of the ECB, but this is the first time that Draghi evokes this idea as openly.

The likelihood that the ECB lowers its interest rate increases, what pleases the stock exchanges across the euro area, in the face of the promise of funding costs which will remain at the lowest.

In this context of increased widespread, Engie (PA:ENGIE) stands out with a gain of 4.13%, followed by Accor (PA:ACCP) of +4.04% and Capgemini (PA:CAPP) at +3.06%.

The downside, it is Renault (PA:RENA) which fell the most, with a loss of -4.41%, followed by STMicroelectronics (PA:STM) to -1% and Carrefour (PA:CARR) to -0.47%.

From a graphical point of view, it should be noted that the CAC 40 is passed over the resistance of 5400 points, and above the top of the month of June.

The next potential goal will therefore be the threshold of 5500 points.

A lower, 5400 points and the moving average 100 hours at 5380 points will be the first media to monitor, in which the profile of the CAC 40 will become more fix.

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