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This program demonstrates the willingness of CA Technologies to invest on its strategic partners for the sake of simplicity, profitability, and competitive advantages

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Paris, may 16, 2017 — CA Technologies (NASDAQ : CA) announces its new partner program, CA Advantage Partner Program. This program allows partners to better differentiate themselves in the face of competition, enhance their profitability, and take advantage of a set of marketing tools and business goals with the publisher. CA Technologies declares its willingness to accelerate the growth of its ecosystem of partners, using business strategies dedicated and a framework to provide a better experience, more simple and more profitable.

Christophe Laakmann, Director of channel Sales at CA Technologies France : “The cooperation with our partners is part of our DNA. It is therefore essential to accompany them and provide them with the necessary tools so that they can meet the challenges of the app economy. Our new program is based on the vision of our partners and offers new benefits to ensure their profitability and sustainable growth. Our goal is to first create synergies around our common resources in order to offer our partners a quality experience, exceptional and a real value. ”

Thus, the new program adds two additional categories : the categories of “Focus” and ” Global “. They will add to the levels : “First “, “Advanced” and ” Member “. The two new categories will welcome strategic partners in respect of development plans more ambitious, and achieving profitability levels higher. For its part, CA will offer them competitive advantages more important to support the evolution of their business models.

In order to improve the experience of its partners, CA Technologies has developed this program by identifying, with them, the areas of improvement. They have expressed the desire for a program providing both benefits unique compared to the rest of the sector, a protection vis-à-vis their risk-taking, and a better understanding of the benefits or rewards associated with different thresholds of cost-effectiveness.

It is now done. The new CA program the Advantage Partner Program has been simplified and offers larger benefits in recognition of the contribution of the partners to be more strategic.

In addition to this, they will be able to choose between development funds and rebates as rewards. Overall the CA program Advantage includes marketing strategies, dedicated to accelerate their growth, increase their income and take advantage of new opportunities.

Program benefits CA Advantage

The current partners of CA Technologies will be integrated into the CA program Advantage. They will be able to identify on the platform CA Partner Experience Platform and access to the latest tools, training and resources to sales and marketing.

Among the many benefits of this new program include :

Of the best profit opportunities : CA has streamlined the awards process and introduced multiple initiatives, lead generation and to stimulate the development of the activities of partners. The new platform Partner Experience will allow them to more easily access the resources needed to create programs of integrated marketing and measurement. They will also benefit from a campaign management tool for self-service and ” co-branded “. The partners of both Global and Focus will get the better margins, and all will benefit from the rewards most important in the course of their progression to higher levels.
Premium results simpler and more clear : the program offers premiums and discounts have been harmonized and defined in terms of performance (with rates, benefits and rewards, set by CA). The partners can anticipate more easily their financial situation before and after the signing of a contract, and to determine more quickly the impact of a sale of solutions of CA on their overall profitability.
A protection vis-à-vis the risk : partners seizing opportunities involving technologies CA have the assurance that their investment (time and resources) will be rewarded.
Rewards : for the first time, CA will offer some of its partners a selection of rewards depending on their activities. They can then choose to reinvest with the help of fund development activities, or to enjoy a direct discount. To encourage them to develop their skills and expertise vis-à-vis its technologies, the publisher will offer a reward level higher to those who will opt for fund development activities (courses and training sanctioned certifying, customized training, awareness sessions, contests, and resources for developing best practices, demonstrations of feasibility, and activities to stimulate sales.
Partners Global, Focus and First will also benefit from a dedicated support to the sales, resources, skills development, management of nominated accounts, and development fund on their market segments. Current members can also contact their account manager or log on to the platform CA Partner Experience Platform for more information on the new program.

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