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How can companies build their factory in modern software to create a competitive advantage in their markets ?

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This marketing campaign demonstrates this problem through two new advertising spots as well as digital content

Paris, may 22, 2017 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) recently launched a new marketing campaign called : “The Modern Software Factory” to showcase the range of CA solutions to help organizations face the challenges of the digital transformation.

Businesses today are faced with disruptions digital permanent, affecting both the branches, business departments and all the managers in charge of software deployment within their organization.

The campaign “The Modern” Software Factory “reflects their point of view in the face of their challenges :” develop better applications, more quickly and in a secure manner ” and “to have a better understanding and a better analysis of the data” have become essential to be competitive in the app economy.

The idea of the campaign is simple : the companies acknowledge that the software are essential to create a competitive advantage. It shows the way to start, with a single solution, or a combination of solutions, in areas ranging from Agile management, Security, passing by the DevOps.

In his book ” Digitally Remastered: Building Software into Your Business DNA “, Otto Berkes, Chief Technology Officer of CA Technologies, described how the analysis of data is a source of information for enterprises in their digital transformation. In this campaign, the concept of the Modern Software Factory is portrayed through a virtual environment, which gives life to the analysis of these data.

“The impact of digital transformation on the value competitive an organization has become a reality. And organizations are looking for partners who can help make the path to digital success, ” says Lauren Flaherty, Chief Marketing Officer of CA Technologies. The Modern Software Factory is the creative expression of the strategy of CA. We propose a model designed to help clients to take advantage of the software to win in their markets “.

This new campaign consists of 2 videos, is deployed across many digital channels and tv channels in the world. It is open to all business leaders, as well as the persons in charge of software deployment. The Modern Software Factory makes tangible the concept, taking the example of leaders seeking to transform their businesses.

In these two videos, they are guided in the Modern Software Factory, where thanks to a virtual reality helmet, they will be able to experiment with how CA Technologies solutions (agility, automation, data analysis, and security) enables organizations to be more competitive.

The Tour (The tour) : This spot has a guide accompanying a group of executives in the Modern Software Factory. They discover the wonders of the factory, a world where agility, automation, data analysis, and the security helps firms to increase their competitiveness on the market.

The Answer (The answer) : This movie is the sequel of The Turn. Leaders realize the power of the software factory but have difficulty in understanding some of the technical aspects. Their guide explains to them that if they want to become competitive in the app economy, the answer is from CA Technologies.

These new commercials and digital content partners have been created and produced by the agency John McNeil Studio. They demonstrate how to CA, become their strategic partner, allows you to create a competitive advantage for the companies, solving the most pressing problems of their digital transformation.

The campaign is currently airing in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and soon in other regions, and its digital content is amplified via the social networks and

About CA Technologies
CA Technologies provides software that helps companies operate their digital transformation. In all sectors, the business models of firms are redefined by the applications. Everywhere, an application that serves as an interface between a company and a user. CA Technologies helps these companies to seize the opportunities created by this digital revolution and to navigate in the Economics of the Applications. Thanks to its software to plan, develop, manage the performance and security of applications, CA Technologies is helping these businesses to become more productive, provide a better quality of experience to their users and open up new sources of growth and competitiveness in all environments : Mobile, Cloud, Distributed and Mainframe. For more information :

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