By 2018, 31% of muslims to send Zakat al-Fitr via a mobile

According to a survey conducted by the world leader of the online money transfer WorldRemit, the habits of muslims around the Zakat el-Fitr, to validate the fasting of Ramadan, evolve and digitising. Up to 20% of people send their donation in the last 24 hours of Ramadan.

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London – June 27, 2017 : To close the month of fasting, more than a billion muslims across the world are taking time with family and friends. The families also offer gifts or money. This donation, known as Zakat-el-Fitr, or ” the alms of the breaking “, it is given to people in need, and allows you to validate his month of fasting.

The use of the mobile, a standard, become on the donations of Zakat el-Fitr

The study of WorldRemit, a leading service of money transfer by electronic means demonstrates that the habits around Zakat al-Fitr is transforming and digitising. According to the figures of WorldRemit, 28% have paid the Zakat al-Fitr online via a mobile, compared to 26% directly in person in 2017. A new practice compared to 2016 where the muslim community preferred to give in person (34%) rather than via a mobile application (16%).
This trend is bound to continue next year as 31% plan to donate online via a mobile phone 24% in person.

This trend is especially visible in the generations Y and Z. In fact, by 2016, 40% of them giving in person, so that today 31% give via a mobile phone and only 28% give in-person.

The study of WorldRemit also shows that men are the ones who are most likely to change their habits to send the next year, opting for money transfer via mobile : less than half in 2017 to 3 men out of 5 in 2018. As for the women, a third of them sends online this year and plans to do the same next year.

Sending digital, use of gifts last-minute
Alms must be given before the prayer of Eid-el-Fitr to individuals in need in order to complete the month of fasting. The study of WorldRemit, reveals that the majority gives to a person in need that she knows (44%) either to the family in need (33%).
If most of them are very far-sighted and give the money to the last week of Ramadan (34%), others are a little less and pay the Zakat al-Fitr during the last 24 hours : 2% send their gift in the afternoon of the last day of Ramadan, and 5% do so during the last night and 3% less than an hour before the prayers of Eid. Sending digital is a real appeal for donations at the last minute.

Alix Murphy, Senior Mobile Analyst at WorldRemit said : “We understand how important it is to send the Zakat al-Fitr. We have conducted research to understand how we could help cope with the stress of sending the Zakat al-Fitr. With the application WorldRemit, we hope to contribute to raise public awareness of the fact that with a service like ours, it is possible to send money from anywhere and anytime and receive it instantly “.

The application WorldRemit allows you to send money, or credits of communication directly from phone, without having to move to the agency. The beneficiary can receive the money in his e-wallet account (Mobile Money), by bank transfer, in cash or benefit in the form of recharge credit to their mobile phone.

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