Buy Wilson, VBG, Drillcon in the latest issue of Börsveckan.

Buy Wilson Therapeutics, VBG and Drillcon, but wait with the Ages and Xano.

It is some of the advice in this week’s issue of Börsveckan, as also the lands of a neutral recommendation for Moberg Pharma.

For the pharmaceutical company Wilson Therapeutics is considered the odds to be good and the market potential is great, and the risk/chance ratio, thus, favorable. Köprådet consists.

Verkstadskoncernen VBG is considered to still be attractively valued, based on assumptions about organic growth of 10 percent and an operating margin of 12.9 per cent this year, which gives p/e of 13. A previous advice to be repeated.

For borrningsspecialisten Drillcon ”everything is pointing to growth again” after a few tough years. Despite a rise of 50 per cent in the year assesses the Börsveckan that there is more to download, and the riskvillige the investor can take both the slightly lower valued customer, Boliden and Drillcon.

Teknikföretagskoncernen Xano and its spin-off Ages, which manufactures precision components in large series, both the council wait. Xano is deemed to have ”gone complete” after a rise of 60 per cent, on the stock exchange in the year, and the Ages are considered to have too great dependence on an uncertain automotive industry.

The pharmaceutical company Moberg Pharma has true upside potential given the development pipeline, but with Börsveckans investment horizon, it is not enough to be more than a neutral recommendation.

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