Buy the store, Europris, Arise and Mr. Green in the latest issue of the Business world.

The Swedish business magazine Affärsvärlden recommend the purchase of the shares in the dagligvaruföretaget ICA, the Norwegian lågprishandlaren Europris, the company Arise and gaming operator, Mr Green.

It is clear from the latest issue of the magazine, whose release date in the future will be changed to Thursdays.

The ICA backed off steeply after the report a couple of weeks ago when the focus, according to the magazine, ended up on the company’s side events. The decline is unjustified mean Business, which highlights ICA’s inherent stability and that the company is now valued lower than the average for large corporations.

”It is unjustified. The share is a Business favorite, and then in november of last year, the shares have climbed the most, 24 percent. The past week of fall should be seen as a buying opportunity,” the ICA analysis.

As Norway’s foremost lågprishandlare have Europris a good seat, according to the Business community who believe that the high-yield shares should be valued. Europris scale in a relatively protected Norwegian domestic market guarantees for överlönsamhet against numerous competitors, according to the magazine that puts the buying advice with a target price of 43 sek.

Arise is traded with a significant discount against the equity shares are continued to be interesting in the longer term, consider the world of Business. There is a sense of security, pressure on the valuation of the company’s vindkraftstillgångar as well as to ägarlistan accommodates no less than three billionaires, it is noted.

Gaming operator, Mr Green is reaping the results of a number of implemented strategic measures. A continued strong operating momentum should lift the share price further, write Business and recommend buy with riktkursen 65 sek. The share closed at 50:75 crowns on Tuesday.

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