Buy HiQ, Avega and Knowit, but wait with Prevas, Softtronic, Tieto and Addnode.

Börsveckan do a deep dive in the Swedish it sector ”which is weighed down by price pressure and tough competition from abroad”.

Among köpråden is HiQ, Avega and Knowit, while the newspaper awaiting with Tieto, Prevas, Softronic and Addnode.

HiQ, the magazine writes, has for many years delivered profitability that many in the it industry can only dream of. It motivates, along with good underlying momentum in the business, the company’s premievärdering.

Avega has lately experienced rising growth and profitability. The P/E ratio of 11 on Börsveckans ”prudent forecasts” for 2018 makes magazine believe that köpläge is.

Cevian is the largest shareholder in the Company, whose rate has lifted by 50 per cent in the last few years. Börsveckan do not believe that the same development in the future is likely: the share get the recommendation to ”wait and see” because the magazine does not dare to believe in sharply rising operating margins from the current 8-10 per cent, in combination with higher growth rate. Both are needed in order that the shares shall have a reasonable upside potential, is it.

Even Prevas get the council to wait: the share has been going strong since the end of the year, but profitability is still low in absolute terms despite a strong market.

The same applies to Softronic: the council will be to wait ”given the little bit of unclear trend and the relatively high valuation”.

Knowit, however, may be a buying advice: the it-consultant is the most popular among the graduates of consultants in times of labour shortages, and the valuation is ”quite low”.

Börsveckan is awaiting with Addnode, which is referred to as a ”stable company with good profitability”, where the reason for the high score. But the premium against the sector is ”in mastigaste team” for a buying advice.

In its model portfolio replaces Börsveckan klädbolaget MQ with verkstadskoncernen AQ.

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