Buy Essity, Neste, Knowit, but wait with Assa Abloy in the latest issue of the Business world.

Buy hygienbolaget Essity, the Finnish oil company Neste and the it consultant Knowit, but wait låskoncernen Assa Abloy.

It writes Business in its latest issue.

In the magazine’s ”active portfolio” sold clothing chain H&M and a portion of the proceeds to be invested in kosmetikbolaget Oriflame.

Essity have, according to the Business world very much of what an investor is looking for.

”Stability, good growth prospects and potential to lift profitability. Share fits excellent in a long-term portfolio”, believes the newspaper that recommend the purchase.

Nestes origin in the fossil liquids obscures the renewable business worth the entire stock price, argues the Business world.

”The exchange only pay for the Nestes fossildelar, two scientific oligopolaffärer along with the eastern part of the Baltic sea. Nestes fast-growing global framtidsaffär in the biofuel and bioplastics available on the purchase”, says the magazine, which recommends the purchase with the tip to add share in drawer as one of several investments on the theme of energy transition.

Låskoncernen Assa Abloy went pon a stone during the summer, but even if the share has come down slightly, the valuation is still too high, according to the Business world who recommend the wait.

”Please buy at nedåtrekyler, after tredjekvartalsrapporten or if Johan Molin suddenly announcing his resignation,” writes the magazine, which assess to the share based on the current level in the best case, learn to develop the exchange as a whole during the coming year.

IT consultant Knowit is inside a ”strong operational trend,” and look, despite the past year’s revaluation at more than 60 per cent of which 45 per cent in the year attractive on several parameters. The business community’s assessment is that the digitisation will drive a high demand for many years to come.

Köprådet provided with riktkursen 159 sek on a one-year term.

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