Buy Academedia and G4S in the latest issue of Börsveckan.

Buy Academedia and G4S but wait with Securitas, Handicare, Verisec and Kappahl.

There is Börsveckan in the new number.

Skolkoncernen Academedia is now köpvärt, consider the paper. The company has a strong position in the Nordic region and has since 2014 his sights set on the rest of the world. An ev/ebit-score of 12 is not ”tiny” but ”easy to justify given the operational security”.

”On top of this is , of course, the question of what the risk premium should be put on Academedia given the discussions about profits in welfare”, writes Börsveckan who believe that privatisation has gone so far that ”they are difficult to reverse”. The acquisition of the shares of Rune Andersson’s Mellby Gård is further seen as a seal of approval.

G4S offers a lower valuation and greater profit potential than Securitas. Buy the danskbrittiska security group before the Swedish competitor.

Wait even with the recently listed trapphissbolaget Handicare on the basis of a high score.

The valuation of the it-säkerhetsbolaget Verisec leaves no room for setbacks, consider Börsveckan, which is wait.

Klädbolaget Kappahl got a well-deserved upswing after its financial statements, its share price now looks fullvärderad out so wait and see even here, there is Börsveckan.

In the BV portfolio changed Ework out after a strong trend. Instead, it consultants, Avega and Acando is the place that both ‘ boasts with high dividends and relatively conservative values”.

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