Bruno Le Maire : “let us not squander the result of our efforts,”

A few days of sending to the State Council the draft law “action plan for growth and business transformation” (Pact) on the undertakings, the minister of economy and finance, Bruno Le Maire, will reveal to the World the trade-offs made on the site of the company. He closes the door to any redistribution of the surplus tax from the growth.

You have ordered the boss of Michelin, Jean-Dominique Senard, and the former secretary general of the CFDT, Nicole Notat, a report on the company. That keeps the government ?

Bruno Le Maire : the president of the Republic has said repeatedly during his campaign : to be profitable, companies can no longer turn away from social and environmental issues. It is a demand of consumers and citizens as investors. We propose, therefore, in Covenant, a modification of the civil code. We will also give the opportunity to companies that wish to set social and environmental goals and transcribe them in their statutes.

It is a real choice of break. No company can consider its success and its profit without considering the impact of its activity. The modification of the civil code, the foundation of our law for over two hundred years, will also be in the interest of the entrepreneurs.

These developments will not result, as feared by the employers ‘ organisations, an explosion of litigation ?

We have heard the concerns. We will be vigilant to ensure that the wording does not introduce legal uncertainty.

What is it going to change concretely ?

We affirm loud and clear that companies must participate in the common good. It is an essential modernisation of capitalism French. It should not be limited to the…

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