BrickVest announces the successful outcome of its first investment

BrickVest announces its first investment successful less than 18 months after the implementation of the online platform.

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The investors who have invested in the fund BrickVest Harvest 1 have achieved a return of 31%, well above the initial forecast.

BrickVest, the platform real estate investment online based in London, has announced its first successful trip less than 18 months after its launch. The investment, in partnership with CORESTATE Capital Group, a leading German real estate investment, residential and commercial, accounted for a significant portfolio of 23 assets on the territory of the germanic.

European investors who have invested in the Bottom BrickVest Harvest 1 LLP have achieved a return on “cash-on-cash” by 31%. By way of comparison, the FTSE EPRA / NAREIT Developed Europe performait of 18% over the same period. These investors were able to invest in both primary market and the secondary market offered by BrickVest. As a result, some of the traders with the most assets had achieved a SORT of impressive 40% in 6 months [1].

The output was initially expected in the fourth quarter of 2020, but the first distribution of dividends was carried out by CORESTATE Capital Group in march of 2017, approximately 2% of the net yield.

Thomas Schneider, Chief Investment Officer of BrickVest, comments : “The strength of the returns is testimony to the quality of the investments that BrickVest chooses for its platform. We focus exclusively on institutional products, and invest alongside the main real estate investment managers. For the first time, private investors can access the same investment opportunities that large institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies. ”

Rémi Antonini, Head of Rating at BrickVest, comments : “After the successful sortie, the investors using the platform BrickVest have earned a premium return from a fund of institutional quality, led by a strong manager of real estate investment. This absolute return attractive has been achieved in the framework of a risk profile that is controlled, since the fund invested in a portfolio of German retail diversified and generator of income, with a leverage effect limited. ”

Less than 18 months after its successful launch, BrickVest has built the only platform for pan-european real estate investment online that allows its community of investors to invest in and directly manage its investments in products real estate of institutional quality.

The founding team has extensive experience in real estate, investment services and technology. BrickVest shakes up the traditional model of real estate investment across the world by combining the best practices of the institutional quality, advanced technology, governance, first-order and a regulatory framework that places the investor at the centre of the system.

BrickVest has also demonstrated its commitment to democratize a standard of excellence in the field of governance and risk management, becoming the only european platform of real estate online to obtain a license of the AIFM ” Full Scope “, the highest standard of fund management regulatory in Europe, in an industry known for its opacity and its lack of governance. These investment opportunities pre-screened with a solid risk management framework that were previously available only to large institutions, such as pension funds and insurance companies.

European investors interested can register and see the offer of investment real estate pan-european BrickVest on

[1] full Details are available on request from the Investment team of Brickvest

About BrickVest :
The platform real estate investment BrickVest (“Brickvest”) ( offers to sophisticated investors in investments of institutional quality (the“Products”) to which they had previously no access to, and allows them to manage their portfolio of online assets. For investors such as for the project leaders, each step of the process – from the structuring of the product real estate up to underwriting, management and monitoring of the investment – is done entirely online, through a dedicated technology.
Brickvest is published by Brickvest Markets Ltd, authorised representative of Brickvest IM Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under number 737644. Brickvest Markets Ltd and Brickvest IM Ltd are subsidiaries 100% of Brickvest Ltd, registered in England and Wales under the number 09294583. Registered office : 74 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AY London.
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