Brexitförhandlingar can go to collapse ” according to the source.

Brexitförhandlingarna are heading toward a catastrophic breakdown if not EUROPE this week signals that it will allow the talks to go ahead to trade.

It reports the Bloomberg News and refers to an unnamed person with insight into the british government’s position.

Without clear signals that the negotiations will move on to the issues relating to trade and transitional arrangements in december at this week’s EU summit at risk of the entire brexitprocessen to collapse, according to the Bloomberg News source, which fears that the senior british ministers will then lose confidence in the EU’s willingness to reach an agreement.

The source said further that the prime minister, Theresa May took a political risk when she in her speech in Florence last month promised to make payments to the EU budget and make up for the ”skilsmässoavtalet”. She now needs to get something back before she can make new concessions.

Theresa May travel to Brussels on Monday for a dinner with EU leaders. She will be speaking for 90 minutes with EUROPEAN commission president Jean-Calude Juncker and the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, in an attempt to break the deadlock in the negotiations.

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