Brexit; the british government is a transitional period the customs union proposed the EU

Transitional period the customs union proposed by the European Commission, the british government, the United Kingdom’s membership of the european union in 2019 is expected after termination of the period.

On Tuesday it became known in the proposal that the british government “as freely as and -smooth” trade endeavour in the United Kingdom and the European Union. The temporary agreement and not only the island country’s economy’s best interest, but the European Union also communicated to the british government Brexit-in charge of negotiations a member of the BBC the british mainstream media hírtelevízió in.

David Davis recalled that Great Britain year to 230 billion pounds in value sells goods and services european union partners, the union companies, however greater, to 290 billion pounds extent they sell british partners, so for them it is important to reach an agreement.

The Brexit-the minister, according to the transitional period of 1-2 years. Experts estimate that can not be left for 2-3 more years, it is not likely that the European Union agrees to a longer period.

David Davis, the BBC stated that membership of the european union termination together with the United Kingdom’s leaving the customs union and the EU single internal market.

The british position, according to the island country during the transitional period conduct negotiations and conclude the provisional customs union after termination of into force of the free trade agreements outside the European Union partners. However, this example, according to the discussion leading to Brussels, the customs union participants because it does not conclude bilateral trade agreements.

The british government, the exit conditions are gradual in effect for a transitional period after the expiry of the the freer trade seeks with the EU. This two ways can imagine: or on the borders of “streamlining of” and the minimum degree of control striving, or and a close new partnership design, in which it is necessary to be the customs borders – is included in the proposal.

The transitional period relating to proposal primarily from the business sector, to calm and the exit-related uncertainty was to reduce the government’s purpose according to analysts. Thus, because avoiding the “cliff edge” Brexit. The sziklaszirt term especially to that version of the candidate, on the basis of which the United Kingdom’s membership of the european union, the exit conditions are gradual in effect for a transitional period without cease to be, or even that no agreement with the EU. The proposal is more Philip Hammond, minister of finance of victory.

David Davis about the BBC hírtelevízió of denied, that there is significant disagreement in the conservative government within the Brexittel relationship. As he said, the government common objective is to Britain’s benefit agreement, the exit and the European Union to establish new relationships, but acknowledged that each of them have different interests to be considered by the finance minister, for example, in the business sphere.

David Davis on the BBC’s radio and talked about the exit in relation to other issues. Like you said, the brussels partners managed significant progress in the citizens ‘ rights negotiations. The EU, towards the outstanding uk obligations director about and he said October or november before they won’t be exact amount to be communicated, but are ready to meet the “realistic expectations”. Once again stressed that the exit following the transition period in 2022 overdue parliamentary election definitely should end, but it’s more likely that approximately two years “or slightly less” is good enough.

The Great Britain and the European Commission, negotiations between another round at the end of August begins, the repeatedly unprepared, actually accused the british government, meanwhile, is expected to be more important issues to publish proposals.

The transitional customs union the proposal on the opposition’s main power, the labour party inkoherens called. Experts warned it is unlikely that the European Union without changes to accept. A future free trade agreement and in Brussels they don’t want to negotiate until agreement on major issues such as workers ‘ rights, border controls and the uk obligations.

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