Brexit: Eight options submitted to the vote of the House of commons


LONDON (Reuters) – british mps authorized Wednesday the holding of votes guidance on different options for the Brexit.

In the aftermath, the president of the House of commons, John Bercow, has revealed the eight “options” that will be discussed and then submitted to a vote.

1. The motion (B) provides that the Uk will leave the Eu without agreement on the 12th of April next, in accordance with the timetable set out last week by european leaders.

2. The motion Of offers an agreement known as the “common market 2.0” with accession to the european single market and understanding customs.

3. The motion H suggests that the United Kingdom remains a member of the european economic Area (EEA) and will be joining the european Agreement of free trade.

4. The motion J proposes that the agreement of Brexit includes a commitment to negotiate with the EU a customs union, a permanent and global, covering the whole of the Uk.

5. The motion, K takes the plan of the labour Party, with a customs union and close alignment on the single market.

6. The motion L calls for a repeal of Article 50 (including the outbreak has officially launched the negotiations on the terms of the divorce) if the Parliament does not consent to “Brexit” without agreement, and therefore a cancellation of the Brexit.

7. The motion M requires a referendum of confirmation of any divorce agreement.

8. The motion O suggests that the Uk look for a “managed No-deal” (to “Brexit” without agreement ‘managed’) if it is not possible to find a divorce agreement.

(London office; Henri-Pierre André for French service)

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